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Old Cock Slut Chrissy Has Been Dismissed Effective Immediately. Buh Bye Bitch Boy!

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I had to let cock slut chrissy go. He says he couldn’t keep up with me.

He begged me to allow him the distinct honor of serving me.

He said he waited his entire life to find me, a cruel dominate demanding BBW fem domme.

After him paying an initial tribute of $75 he offered up $75 a week after that.

I allowed him on a trial basis that would last only a measly week.

I gave him assignments consisting of blogging in his WordPress blog daily & to tweet on his Twitter account regularly.

Real simple shit. So simple any moron can do it.

His bitch ass couldnt even do that.

I told him to get rid of his CM account. He said he deactivated. I checked. Duh I wasn’t about to take his word for it.

And it was still active. I said he’s full of shit.

He offered up his password so I can monitor his CM account.

He never gave me the pass. First off don’t offer shit up if you aren’t going to follow through fuck stick.

I said you must always go above and beyond my expectations.

Cock slut chrissy broke so many commandments it’s ridiculous and for that alone his a past memory.

I don’t want any half assed part time subs. I was JUST getting started with him. Oh well. On to the next one.

There are NO revolving doors.

Once a slave you are a slave for life.  I am your God. You bow down to me and give up complete control.

I am VERY intimidating yet addictive and toxic.

I will chew you up and spit you out.

If you bitch out and decide you don’t wish to serve me anymore I consider it being unloyal.

Loyalty means EVERYTHING to me. You are sure to go far with me when you are honest, loyal and earn the right to get closer to me.

Don’t come back whimpering & groveling like a bitch.

If I dismiss you that means tt’s FINAL Forever. Buh bye you bitch you.

Deleted, blocked. Poof. FORGOTTEN.

There are plenty of submissive men eagerly waiting to take his place.

That you can be damn sure of.

If that’s you then submit to me now:

Email: [email protected]

Yahoo ID: CruelBBWFemDom

Skype ID: CruelBBWFemDom

NiteFlirt Phone Domination
1-800-863-5478 ext: 9626233

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