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Addicted To My Huge Heavy Bubble Butt Big Butt Fart Eating Slave Pays Me To Fart In His Face On Cam & Video

Fart Fetish Fred Tribute

One of my regular custom video clients/slaves bought another custom fart fetish video.

(You can order your custom fetish or domination video by emailing [email protected])

He has been buying my farting vids for years.

Like the others he is weak and addicted. He can’t get enough of my big fat gorgeous cheeks blast funky fuming farts in his pathetic face.

It maks his dick ard. And we all know that with men the dick is te brain and controls everything.

I had a bad case of gas while I was talking to him uploading his fart movie to my server.

He was foaming at the mouth like a lost rabid animal.

He couldnt wait to sink his teeth in my new video I made for him.

I kept farting while talking to him on messenger and he bought some cam time in addition to purchasing the video.

He couldn’t get enough. 10 minutes went by so fast and I was still farting up a storm.

He bought another 10 minutes cam time. He was about to buy another 10 or 20 minutes when I had to leave.

He has been addicted to my fat famous ass for years and years.

From the pic below you can understand fully why he is so addicted:

I would say he has been under my spell for about 6 or 7 years.

And there is NO sign of him getting any help for his addiction any time soon.

He wants to come visit me (If I allow him) and give me a hefty tribute & take me shopping just for the opportunity of me sitting on his face & farting.

(No nudity of course. I NEVER get naked for you losers EVER.)

I love the power I have over my slaves with my ass, my feet, my green eyes and it goes on and on.

Having them pay me for abusing & humiliating them.

I LOVE manipulating weak minded men for my entertainment & personal gain.

It’s my pleasure!


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